With the new Philips Viva Collection Airfryer TurboStar you can enjoy great tasting fried food with up to 80% less fat.

Being able to cook tasty yet healthy food in a limited amount of time, is an essential part of a happy lifestyle – especially for parents. However it can be difficult, and time consuming, to find cooking methods that reduce substances such as fat, and also produce flavorsome results. Building on the success of its ever-popular, original Airfryer model, Philips – the world’s leading low fat fryer brand – has unveiled its next generation Viva Collection Airfryer TurboStar.


With this next generation Airfryer TurboStar, it’s now even easier to prepare the food you love in a healthier way, without compromising on taste. It minimizes the need for unhealthy fats, empowering you to make great, homemade meals every day.

The new TurboStar technology helps you prepare delicious, evenly-cooked food with up to 80% less fat. This builds on the original Airfryer’s Rapid air technology, which lets you cook food with little to no added oil, resulting in healthier fried, baked, grilled and roasted meals.

I’ll be sharing some recipes soon! Thank me later.

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